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Opportunities Abound at Stanstead

By Mauricio L., Grade 12
For those of you who don’t recall or for all of you new to school this year, last year I talked about cultures and what a wonderful diversity this great place has, how easy it is to find a great story around every corner. I left off talking about all the opportunities that Stanstead College has, and I will pick it up just there. 
In this place, you have the opportunity to be yourself. This is the place I had the chance to start again and turn my life 180°. (For those of you not really into math, just a turn around.) My last years back at home had been really hard for me, and this place felt like a relief. What I’m trying to say is that no matter how many friends you had before, how much you miss your family, how many subjects you failed or how many days straight you went without making your bed, this place gives you the chance to be yourself and live your best life. 
Take the opportunity to learn from others, the places they come from, their families, their traditions. You will realize even those from your own country or even city might live a much more different culture than yours. Embracing diversity will not only give you the opportunity to understand but also to create a sense of unity and belonging with those around you.   
Make as many friends as you can—in sports, in class, at lunch, in residence, everywhere! Don’t hesitate to ask teachers for help. I know some might seem like monsters (not gonna say names), but all of them are great people who are willing to help you anytime and give up so much of their time to see you smile. Respond back to them by having a big smile and live your best. 
For some of us, this is the last chapter in this book. Some of you only come for a year or two. Some of you might have a life in front of you here, but the most important thing is to live every day to the fullest. Yes, you have to follow some rules, be on time for sign-ins (right, Bugbee?) complete homework, and get yelled at by Marino in CW class. But remember, nobody dictates your life like you can. 
For the past four years, I’ve lived every single one of them like it was the last. Now, this is actually my last, and I will make sure I have no regrets over any single second. Here’s the place you can learn to live, to laugh, to cry, and even to love (yes, some people have a GREAT time). But I want you to keep this in mind throughout the year. Make as many memories as you can. Value everything you have, and remember, everyone has a story to be told. All of us here are a great family! 
My name is Mau Lopez. Welcome to Stanstead College. 

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