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我们生来就有不同的基因. 我们生来就有各种各样的特点和品质. Each one of us, not only humans, but all living creatures on this planet, are unique by themselves. However, just like other social animals, we tend to imitate behaviour from people surrounding us.
在古代的中国,男人们把头发编成辫子. 在过去几个世纪的欧洲,男人穿裙子. Even more traditionally, people believed that the Earth is flat. People living in these regions at certain periods were restricted by certain rules. Anyone opposing or disobeying the rules would be sentenced to death.
Nowadays it is common to see a huge variety of 服装 worn by men and women. 你甚至可以看到男人编辫子或穿裙子. Why? 因为世界在变化. 人们发展出新思想来取代旧思想. 但这是否意味着这些古老的传统被根除了呢? 不,因为我们生活在一个自由的世界. People have the right to decide what they want to wear or how they think.  
When I first came to 边境上大学, I felt strange in this unfamiliar environment. 我想避免别人的注意. 一种方法是模仿别人的做法, 遵循别人对零食的喜好, 服装, 甚至音乐. 每当老师在课堂上提出开放性问题时, 我总是用和其他学生一样的想法回应.
它让我的生活更轻松了吗? 是的,确实如此. 然而,它使我筋疲力尽. 它迫使我采取和别人一样的行动. 我害怕如果我做了些不一样的事, 我会被当成“怪人”,我可能会失去我的朋友. 这也让我不知道自己到底是谁.
回想过去, I was always excited for specific days when the whole school would be encouraged to wear some “crazy” 服装. I’d be glad to wear my own style of 服装 without being looked at as some guy with odd mentality. 后来,我意识到我的人生策略是失败的. So I tried to make some changes, make things surrounding me more like David’s style.
And it turns out that the world wasn’t as bad as I thought. 我的朋友还是我的朋友, 有时他们会取笑我的一些行为, 但总的来说,这只是笑话.
体育菠菜大平台是一个充满文化多样性的地方. Not only 边境上大学 but the world is becoming more culturally diversified. 鼓励人们在公开场合充分表达自己. 做自己从来都不是一件尴尬的事情, 应该是让你感到骄傲的事情, 因为很多人做不到这一点. 人们并不关心你做了什么, 即使在幕后有一些评论, not caring what others think of you is what makes you stronger.