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作者:Lysa Onyx Rhytity Kabirigi  
假期马上就要到了,和你们许多人一样,我也很兴奋. But what I realized during this third year at 边境上大学 is that everything goes by fast. Many of your teachers have certainly told you that after break, you will not see the days go by. 这是真的,我也经历过. 
我在这里已经三年了, 每次我觉得我有时间推迟一些事情, 最后我什么都没有. Those three years at Stanstead have passed, and it still feels like I came yesterday. I remember my first time experiencing cold, but also the first day I learned what hockey was. 
作为一名国际学生, coming to 边境上大学 is one of the best decisions I have made so far. 我学到了更多关于不同文化的知识, perspectives, 认识了新朋友,有机会分享我自己的文化.  
现在,适应不同的文化可能很有趣,但也很困难. What bothered me the most, as a new student, was the feeling of not belonging in this place. I remember that one of the first questions I asked my bathroom-mate was what hockey was. In Burundi, hockey does not exist , so it made total sense that I asked about it. 但出于某种原因,我还是觉得我应该知道的. 
Other international students knew what hockey was even before their arrival. This simple reason is what caused what I call the lowest point of my Stanstead experience. I started comparing myself to others and forgot about what I came here for: learning, experiencing, and teaching. 
日子一天天过去, I realized that most students here had their futures planned and knew exactly what they were doing with their lives. 至少,我是这么想的. 我的大多数同龄人都擅长体育运动, 成绩好,积极参与学校的各个方面. Me, on the other hand, I was scared to even participate in class for fear of judgement. 
I felt useless. Not only because I was not as high of an achiever as the others but because I felt like I was not contributing to this place, 这让我想到, once again, 我不属于这里. 
Luckily, I had made some pretty good friends who helped me reconnect with the people around me. Their kind words and compliments made me realize that I also had special qualities to share with the school. 
我来自另一个国家, 我从这里学到了很多东西, 人们也从我身上学到了很多东西. 
I came to realize that this insecurity prevented me from making the most out of my Stanstead experience.  我知道对我们大多数人来说, it is hard to recognize what we can do because we are too focused on thinking about other people’s thoughts or comparing ourselves to others. 
As much as I get it, I still believe that there is a solution to this problem. 
体育菠菜大平台给了我们展示和分享我们独特性的机会, 我们的多种才能和留在学校. Obviously, 我们不能忽视这所学校有非常优秀的人才这一事实, but we should also believe that each one of us is brilliant in their own way. We should choose to acknowledge our worth and focus on what we can do rather than what we cannot do. 

认识和欣赏我们自己的价值观, skills and abilities highly contributes to our personal growth and development. 
所以,我鼓励你们这么做 使用这个休息来重置. Think about how you can contribute and make the most out of your 边境上大学 experience because it is not a chance that is given to everyone.