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一年一度的活动是体育菠菜大平台的筹款引擎. The fund supports scholarships and bursaries for deserving students as well as initiatives to enhance programming and student life – everything from funding a humanitarian trip to purchasing new instruments for our Music program. 对年度基金的捐款是免税的.

支票 can be mailed to the 发展办公室 at 450 Dufferin Street, Stanstead, Quebec J0B 3E0. 体育菠菜大平台接受VISA、万事达卡和美国运通卡 信用卡. 捐款可于 在线,电话:(819)8776 -7891分机. 或将您的资料邮寄给我们. E-transfers 可以发送到 donate@salamzone.com.  Please be sure to also email separately your e-transfer password and any specific instructions as to w在这里 you would like your donation directed.
海外捐赠者可能会发现通过一个 电汇. 请联系 kcushing@salamzone.com 了解更多信息.
Monthly 信用卡 payments allow you to support 边境上大学 throughout the year. 成为一个 维持捐助者 向年度基金捐款是一种方便而周到的方式吗. 请联系 kcushing@salamzone.com 了解更多信息.
You are a huge part of my success and a huge part of the reason why I can do al l the things I love at Stanstead on a daily basis. 非常感谢您所做的一切, 感谢你们对我和对我们下一代的信任.
——Élodie Roy, 2023届毕业生
边境上大学 works in partnership with Friends of Independent Schools and Better Education (FRISBE) so our US donors can receive charitable gift receipts for their generosity.   FRISBE is a non-profit corporation with IRC Section 501(c)(3) status that promotes and encourages educational institutions.    你可以通过多种方式进行捐赠.  以下是如何



  • 支持捐赠基金

    对体育菠菜大平台的大额捐赠可以算作捐赠. 这些可持续的礼物是投资的, with the generated income being designated for specific purposes such as many of our named scholarships. It is advisable to discuss related details with a representative of 边境上大学 if you wish to create or contribute to an endowment. 请电子邮件 advancement@salamzone.com 了解更多信息.

  • 证券礼品

    Donations of publicly listed securities to registered charities such as 边境上大学 are tax deductible and exempt from capital gains tax. 请与 发展办公室 了解更多信息 .  If you are already familiar with the process, you may download a securities transfer form 在这里.
  • 实物礼物

    在特定情况下,我们接受非现金捐赠. 请与 发展办公室 了解更多信息.
  • 礼物给

    A Tribute Gift is a unique way to mark a special occasion or to honour or remember a person who has touched your life in some way.   致敬礼物包括庆祝一项成就, 表彰杰出的老师或员工, 纪念一个特殊的场合或纪念所爱的人.
  • 计划给

    Making a bequest to 边境上大学 or naming the school as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy is a thoughtful and generous way to acknowledge the importance of the school in your life and in the lives of future students. A decision to include 边境上大学 in your estate planning gains you membership in the 红色的 & 白人社会. 请联系 advancement@salamzone.com 了解更多信息.
  • 传播信息

    如果你是校友, 家长, 学校以前的家长或朋友, 告诉别人体育菠菜大平台. 让他们知道即将到来的学校访问和奖学金竞赛. 积极寻找潜在的入学候选人. You can even host a College event in your home by contacting our 招生 Department at admissions@salamzone.com.
  • 志愿者

    边境上大学 is always looking for volunteers to get involved and who understand the school.  T在这里 are a number of volunteer opportunities available in our community including;
    • 成为班级代表/班级代理
    • 策划校友聚会
    • 协助学校活动
    • 组织筹款活动
    • 成为受托人(见我们的 管理页面)
    • 在招聘会上讲话
    Your involvement is a wonderful opportunity to work with staff and faculty and share in an experience that is near and dear to our hearts,  边境上大学.


创始人的俱乐部 5万美元及以上
椅子的俱乐部 $10,000 - $49,999
受托人俱乐部 $5,000 - $9,999
学校社团主席 $1,000 - $4,999
Major S Club $500 - $999
红色的 & 白色的俱乐部 <$500