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加拿大/美国住宿费* $ 66500加元 (学费 & 住宅)
国际住宿费$84,500加元 (学费 & 住宅)
走读学生** $26,500加元 (学费)
费用 cover all activities relating to normal academic, 居住和体育项目, 大三学生使用计算机实验室, 许可和用户费用, 教科书以及常规文化, 社交和娱乐活动.

Families can expect some extra charges over the course of the year, depending on the student and his or her involvement in various activities.

*Applicable for Canadian and American citizens domiciled in Canada or 美国
**Applicable for Canadian and American students living locally with parents or legal guardians. International students, please communicate with the 招生 Office for more information. 体育菠菜大平台不允许寄宿家庭.
What I truly admire about Stanstead is the diversity among staff and students and getting to meet new people. I connected with so many great people and got to learn more about what makes them unique.
- Emma Decorby, 2021, is studying Liberal Arts at Yale University